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Famitsu revealed the cover art for Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo: Dangan Ronpa AnotherEpisode.

It’s pretty sexy. Love the character art, and the Monokuma motif is pretty neat.

Can’t wait for this one.

[via Famitsu]


I made some edits of the kids profiles on the official site with English info on there because ok why not. They aren’t very different from the ones in the magazine.


Dangan Ronpa Chapter 4-6 screenshots in PSV resolution!

There it is, I’ve finally gotten through the game…will probably start on school mode soon, and by popular demand it seems like the first endings I’ll tackle are Fukawa’s and Togami’s. Kirigiri’s too, if I have enough time during my first run(given that I need to finish everyone’s free times first…).

Download the screenshots here.


  • The article is mostly interview questions with creators, with some ‘girl on girl action oh my pure white stuffing’ ship teasing from Monokuma, and mostly talking about gameplay and how they tried to please many types of players. It’s not just a game for people who are good at FPS type games, and there are modes for people who aren’t good at them. It’s not an “adventure game”, it’s a “high speed reasoning action” game.
  • Anyway, there are a different kind of truth bullets in this game, 8 kinds that have different effects on either Monokuma or the surrounding environment (“dance”, “destroy” etc) that can be shot through the megaphone-shaped Hacking Gun that Komaru uses.
  • Anyway, a few more details about the setting:image The town this takes place in is called “Towa City” which was built and controlled by the “Towa Group” (a leading techology enterprise who is owned by the Towa Conglomerate) as a huge floating city formed on reclaimed land, first to build the Group’s headquarters but along with this came row after row of research buildings and factories and commercial buildings, etc. The Towa Conglomerate took advantage of opportunities produced by the Incident: since horrible pollution from the Incident was a worldwide issue, they developed air fresheners to combat this, and were huge contributors to rebuilding the world after the Incident, though they stand a shadow of their former self from the destruction caused by the Monokuma Kids.
  • Speaking of the Monokuma Kids, as stated before, they are your enemies in this game?! Headed up by a group of 5 who call themselves “Soldiers of Hope” they are on a mission to KILL ALL TITANS ADULTS! They want to create for themselves a “peaceful, kids-only paradise” and are slaughtering all the adults in Towa (and maybe even beyond….?), operating the Monokuma robots. They have dubbed the adults “demons.”
    They do not regard what they’re doing as a murder at all, instead seeing the slaughter as a game, and even seem to be enjoying their murder spree.imageThe “Monokuma Kids”, wearing “Monokuma heads”, go around innocently attacking adults all throughout the town.
  • The self titled “Soldiers of Hope” as mentioned elswhereimage(from left to right: Kotoko, Jataro, Monaka, Nagisa, Masaru.)
    Regarding this whole slaughter as a big RPG they’ve even given themselves RPG style classes that they’re entrusted with. Lead by Masaru, they’re all former classmates at the elementary school belonging to Hope’s Peak who now run the City.
    Notice they all have the same mark decoration somewhere on their chest:image


New character profiles from Famitsu weekly!

"Hero" Masaru Daimon: (CV Megumi Han)
He’s the Soldier of Hope Leader, in charge of the Hero class. In elementary school, he was known as “Super Elementary School Student Level P.E. Period*”, as exercise is his forte. He’s cheerful, and naughty in nature.

"Warrior" Kotoko Utsugi (CV Kazusa Aranami)
A former child star in charge of the Warriors. Previously, she was called the “Super Elementary School Student Level Student Arts Festival Period”, and was fawned over by all who surrounded her. She loves “adowable things”. 

"Priest" Jataro Kemuri (CV: Sumire Uesaka):
In charge of the Priests, he’s known as “Super Elementary School Student Level Drawing Period” because of his extensive knowledge of drawing. He’s acknowledged by both himself and those around him for being hated, and so he’s actually fine with it when other people hate him.

"Sage" Nagisa Shingetsu (CV: Mariya Ise)
The Vice-leader in charge of the Sages. An overly serious type, Nagisa speaks very maturely. Said to have a bright future ahead, Nagisa was made to assume the title “Super Elementary School Student Level Social Studies Period.”

"Mage" Monaka (CV: Aya Hirano)
In charge of the Mages, she’s the life of the party. She loves homeroom period where she can exchange opinions with everyone, so she’s called “Super Elementary School Student Level Homeroom Period.”


By Mok1e


By Mok1e


here is a photo of the man who wrote dangan ronpa


By 水々

Permission was granted by the original artist to use this image.